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Welcome to the website for recruitment
of the police academy Lower Saxony!

Junge Polizeibeamtinnen und Polizeibeamte
Here you can find all important information concerning the application.

In Lower Saxony are living many people with different cultural and ethnic background. The police wants
to use this potential in order to be even more present for all citizens. Knowing the language of the
inhabitants and intercultural knowledge is invaluable for the daily police work. Therefore the police of
Lower Saxony wants to employ more people with migration background. Up to now 700 of about
24.000 police employees have a migration background. We try to increase the number of this

For this reason we are very interested in the application of people with migration background. It is not a
necessity for the application to have the German nationality. The nationality of one of the EU-countries
or a permission of settlement for Germany is sufficient.
As we accept applications only in German language, we provide all further information exclusively in
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